Ubuntu/Linux Mint and DYMO LabelWriter 4XL Drivers

Bit of a headache. Apparently DYMO stopped supporting the drivers because the repo version (and even their downloadable version) do not work.

Luckily there are some fine souls updating a fork of the repo. At the time of writing, it was at version 1.4.0-9. Unfortunately the Kyle Falconer method didn’t work either for me (but it is where copied the commands below from — thanks!).

You can clone this git repo over here:

git clone https://salsa.debian.org/printing-team/dymo-cups-drivers

Or download my local copy of 1.4.0-9 here (in case anything happens to the above). And then….

cd dymo-cups-drivers
sudo apt-get install git libcups2-dev libcupsimage2-dev gcc g++ automake
automake --add-missing
sudo make install

If you get an error like “Cannot find automake-1.11” you’ll need to edit configure because they hardcoded the automake version. So find the line that says:


And change it to whatever version of automake you have, for example:


Then run all the commands above again.

Bonus! Convert ZPL (Zebra) to PNG using the awesome labelary.com.

curl --request POST http://api.labelary.com/v1/printers/8dpmm/labels/4x6/0/ --form file=@infile.zpl > outfile.zpl.png

See the labelary.com docs for all the options. Above is for a 4″x6″ label at 8dpmm (203dpi).

And then send it to the printer thusly.

lpr -P LabelWriter-4XL outfile.zpl.png

After hours of misery, it actually works!

Update: And this is just for me, but these steps caused my Samsung Laser print to stop working! It would only print the error “Please use the proper driver” on the sheets.

After some searching I came across the The Samsung Unified Linux Driver Repository (SULDR):


Followed the instructions over there and we’re all set!