Satellite Crown Land

Was looking for a better way to see crown land by overlaying it onto satellite maps (rather than cross referencing the CLUPA site with satellite google maps). I think this is better.

It’s using ArcGIS Online and importing the opensource GIS CLUPA dataset from Ontario. Free to use but you need an account (and I believe pay) to save map views and bookmark locations etc. so I haven’t done that. Someone might find it useful!

 – Open in Map Viewer
 – Wait a bit to load
     – Select the layer on the left side
         – i.e. click on Layers -> Crown land use policy area (provincial) – CLUPA Provincial
         – Hit the three horizontal dots > Show properties > Set transparency to e.g. 75%
     – Then click on the Styles icon on right hand menu
         – Make sure “Try a Drawing Style > Types (unique symbols)” is selected
 – But now you can change the Basemap using the left hand menu, e.g. Imagery Hybrid
 – Also on the left, you can show/hide the menu
    To find more info about a spot:
     – Right clicking on a location gives the GPS coords (can paste those into Gmaps or wherever)
     – Left clicking on a location gives the full details, including the POLICY_IDENTY aka Area ID (e.g. G2055)
         – This can be used to confirm the acceptable use of the land:
             – On the Crown Land Use Policy Atlas, go to Find Information > Search By Location > Area ID > G2055 > Search > Get Land Use Information > (in the left box) English
             – Or just manually use the URL, changing the G2055 last bit to whatever the area id is:


The Crown Land Use Policy Atlas does differentiate between these types of land and “private” land which would be very useful! I haven’t figured out how to do the same on arcgis; it’s like it’s using a separate dataset but they don’t seem to have published it…



Found an even zoomier satellite map than gmaps: