Enable Image Placeholders in Firefox for Linux

I think it’s a nice feature when browsing, but when developing websites, it’s kind of nice to know when an image isn’t loading properly.

Internet Explorer has that big ugly image placeholder box and frankly I miss it sometimes.

The link at the end of the post is how to do it for Windows 7. Here’s how to get it working in Firefox for Linux.

Head over to the directory:


Where USERNAME is your username and PROFILENAME is the name of your Firefox profile. There’s probably one directory named SOMETHING.default and that’s probably it. If there are more, then you’ll have to look at your /home/USERNAME/.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini to figure it out.

If in your profile directory there isn’t a directory called chrome, then create it. Then edit chrome/userContent.css and enter the following:

/* Enable image placeholders */
@-moz-document url-prefix(http), url-prefix(file) {

Restart Firefox and watch the internet break.

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