Desktop Web Apps – Logitech Media Server (i.e. Squeezebox) Web Interface as Desktop App

Did you know you can make websites act as desktop programs?

I’ve been controlling a bunch of Rapsberry Pis (running “squeezeslave”) through the Logitech Media Server (i.e. squeezebox), and controlling the Logitech Media Server from it’s web interface, http://myserver:9000.

All is well, but it’s sitting in the browser.  It’s a wrapped PITA when you’ve got a hundred tabs open and want to change the song.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily turn websites into a more persistent desktop app?

Quick search came up with this guide:,2817,2393114,00.asp

Turns out that most browsers have the ability to do so.  Chrome seemed the easiest.  Go to your website, hit the wrench icon, Tools -> Create Application Shortcut.  It’ll ask where you want the icon to sit and that’s it.

You end up with a desktop app that doesn’t have any toolbar or borders. It just kinda looks like a regular app.

Taking a look at the icon shortcut that is created, the command is:

/usr/bin/chromium-browser --app=http://myserver:9000/