Brown Sugar Mellow Doux 6L

Stepping it up a notch. 3x 2L bites of Rougement Mellow Doux. Just under 1 tsp of 71B yeast (started early with a bit of brown sugar). And 1 1/2 cups of brown sugar. And a handful of raisins (apparently … Continued

Fermented Tea

We’re going to try peppermint and Bengal Spice. The idea is simple: brewed tea + sugar + yeast + time =? Looks like about 100ml of sugar Interesting the reading. 170g of sugar and the hydrometer reads , much … Continued

100% Juice Pineapple Ferment

It’s actually 100% pineapple! Not a cocktail or mostly apple plus of pineapple mix or juice-like drink. 25g of sugar should be good enough. And we’ll try the 71B yeast (1/4 tbsp @ 98F) for this one. One of these … Continued