Presidents Choice 100% Cranberry&Pomegranate Juice Blend

Starts at HYDROMETER Before 1.051 Potential ABV 6.69%.

Starts with 36g/250ml so that’s roughly 288g. I’m adding a cup of white sugar which is nearly 200g. After mixing and measuring, it’s nearly HYDROMETER Before 1.086 Potential ABV 11.29%.

Will try a brief open air first ferment… experiments abound.

Tues Nov 5 Update

Ending the first ferment. Reading is at HYDROMETER Before 1.086 After 1.060 ABV 3.41%. Airlock on! Debating putting some nearly arrived yeast energizer in there, as the bubbling had nearly stopped. Although I read somewhere that that’s typical – indeed that’s how you know the first ferment is over..

Friday Nov 8 Update

Already at HYDROMETER Before 1.086 After 1.000 ABV 11.29%. Energizer did it’s job!

Mon Nov 11 Update

Still at HYDROMETER Before 1.086 After 1.000 ABV 11.29% (obviously). Has been in the fridge all weekend. It still has a nice amount of fizz and a nice pomegranate kick. I don’t nearly detect the alcohol content as listed..

Daresay this is the best one — particularly given the abv level — so far…