Fermenting Lemonade (Spiked Lemons)

Here’s our starting products: Kirkland brand Organic Lemonade. Looks like a decent candidate at 33g of sugar. But how will the acidity affect things?

We’re also going to do a little A/B testing with two different kinds of yeast : EC-1118, which I’ve used in the past ferments, and 71B (aka Saccaromyces cerevisiae aka INRA-Narbonne).

Specific gravity reading is 1.049. Again, yeast in at 95 to 98.6 degrees and flush it in. Waiting game.

One thing I noticed when doing the yeast is these are 3L each! I added a bit more warm EC-1118 to compensate but not 71B. Let’s see what happens there.

Update Wednesday September 25

Didn’t appear to be much activity in the airlock. Pouring it was surprisingly fizzy! The reading however is a paltry 1.042.. 0.92%??

Friday September 27 Update

EC-1118 reads 1.041. 71B reads 1.040. Failures!