Fermenting Grape Juice

Next up is Welch’s 100% Grape Juice.

Tons of sugar so I’m waiting to see how the yeast will do with that.

Hydrometer says 1.057 or 1.058 specific gravity (top of the miniscus), the same as the apple juice.

Another 1/4 tsp of EC-1118 into 98 degree water. Let it froth.

The Grape is only 1.36L compared to the apple’s 1.89L but with the extra sugar, more mouths to feed.

Start it up…

12 Hour Update (Monday Sep 16)

September 18 Update

I’m reading 1.005 sp.gr. on the hydrometer. This ABV calc site says 6.83%! Not bad. Tastes like grape juice, but a bit more like grape candy at this point.