Fermenting Apple Juice

First experiment fermenting juice. This is a hopefully delicious extension of my kraut and peppers ferments.

Starting list, most of which came from my local homebrew store:

  • Allen’s Apple Juice
  • Airlock with stopper
  • Hydrometer
  • EC-1118 Yeast (Champagne / Sparkling Wine)

Starting product. Allen’s Apple Juice (a Canadian favourite). The internet told me that the juice should not have any preservatives, should be filtered and should have at least 20g of sugar per 250ml, and this has 25g. More sugar = more (potential) alcohol.

EC-1118 aka Champagne Yeast aka ex-bayanus.

Checking the starting alcohol content aka sugar density.

Read 1.058 specific gravity (top of miniscus). My reference sheet says approx 85g sugar per litre (bottle says 25g per 250ml so 100g per litre).

How much juice I removed (for my reference in case of applesplosion).

Put 1/4 tablespoon of yeast into 94-98.6 degree F water until frothy.

Cloudy top half.

Hey now. Stopper fits.

Away in the closet little buddies to fart and make alcohol. 

Friday the 13th Update (1 day later)

Cloudy and evidence of frothy action. Evidence that it’s frothed up to and even crept up the airlock.

Saturday the 14th Update

Tastes… different.
Specific gravity is 1.021 (top of the miniscus). Originally it was 1.058.

This abv calculator says 4.86%?! Not bad for two days! Let’s wait a bit longer. (Greed or prudence?).

Sunday Sept 15

Still at around 1.021 sp.gr. Frothing stopped after two days so I think we’re done. Very bubbly and cloudy. Tastes not quite like a cider. More like apple juice with bubbles. I’d call it a success.