Fermented Tea

We’re going to try peppermint and Bengal Spice. The idea is simple: brewed tea + sugar + yeast + time =?

Looks like about 100ml of sugar

Interesting the Sp.gr. reading. 170g of sugar and the hydrometer reads HYDROMETER Before 1.052 Potential ABV 6.83%, much like the fruit drinks.. The side even estimates it as 115g/litre.

Nearly the same reading for the Bengal Spice. 1.050 Sp.gr.

Difference here is I’ll wait until the temp hits 98.5F and I’ll put the yeast (1/4tsp) right in the jar.

Monday October 7 Update

Took a while to get started (longest so far) but there are definitely signs of life three days in.

Thursday October 10 Update

Bubbling has been slow but now it’s really slow. Going to test it after it not being open for 6 days.

Bengal is a VERY strong smell, almost like turpentine but with a cinnamony finish. Ferment is clearly not done. Reading is a HYDROMETER Before 1.052 After 1.048 ABV 0.53%. So basically nothing. It’s still pretty sweet. Fail? Maybe it’s the cinnamon in the Bengal?

Now the peppermint. Sweet smelling. HYDROMETER Before 1.052 After 1.048 ABV 0.53% — basically the same reading. Tastes really good but it’s super sweet tea, why wouldn’t it. Well back in the closest.

Sunday October 13 Update

Peppermint reads HYDROMETER Before 1.052 After 1.040 ABV 1.58%. Hm progress?

Bengal reads HYDROMETER Before 1.052 After 1.038 ABV 1.84%.

Sunday October 20 Update

Getting somewhere! HYDROMETER Before 1.052 After 1.016 ABV 4.73% for the bengal spice.

Peppermint… HYDROMETER Before 1.052 After 1.018 ABV 4.46%. Okay! But back in the closet. Still sugar left for any still alive yeast.

Fri Nov 1

Sitting at HYDROMETER Before 1.052 After .990 ABV 8.14%. Not great tasting! And the bengal spice smells like poison.