Brown Sugar Mellow Doux 6L

Stepping it up a notch. 3x 2L bites of Rougement Mellow Doux. Just under 1 tsp of 71B yeast (started early with a bit of brown sugar). And 1 1/2 cups of brown sugar. And a handful of raisins (apparently keeps yeast happy and healthy).

Reads HYDROMETER Before 1.056 Potential ABV 7.35%. Let’s try to respect the readings to try to take it over 10% ABV this time.

It’s stating that my sugar per litre is 120, and we need 180 to get it into the wine range. My differential is 60g per litre. At 6L that’s 480 grams. Quite a lot!

220g of sugar is one cup. Added. Brought it up to HYDROMETER Before 1.065 Potential ABV 8.53% (about predicted 9%) or a bit over 150g sugar per litre. Lets add another cup.

Close to HYDROMETER Before 1.075 Potential ABV 9.84%, which looks to be just about 10% potential ABV (plus the raisins might add something). If nothing else it’s given me an appreciation for the crazy amount of sugar in alcohol.. Okay let’s seal this up.

Sun Oct 27 Update

Siphoned (messy, hope I’ll get better at that..) and bottled in three separate containers to finish. Grapes, in. Tested at HYDROMETER Before 1.075 After 1.042 ABV 4.33% so getting there.

Thurs Oct 31 Update

Measuring HYDROMETER Before 1.075 After 1.017 ABV 7.61%. Oh not bad! Still super sweet.

Mon Nov 4 Update

Measuring HYDROMETER Before 1.075 After 1.009 ABV 8.66%. Still pretty sweet, but can definitely start to taste a bit more alcohol. Almost like an apple cider that’s been lightly spiked with vodka. This is 8 days into the second ferment… By Fri Nov 8th, it should be closing in on 1.000 (if the third and final bottle lasts that long).

Thurs Nov 7 Update

Third and last jug is at HYDROMETER Before 1.075 After 1.004 ABV 9.32%, so we’ve entered the end. Less sweet now, although not quite without. Not much effervescence left. Not bad, mellow doux, not bad.