100% Juice Pineapple Ferment

It’s actually 100% pineapple! Not a cocktail or mostly apple plus of pineapple mix or juice-like drink. 25g of sugar should be good enough. And we’ll try the 71B yeast (1/4 tbsp @ 98F) for this one. One of these … Continued

Fermenting Cranberry Juice

President’s Choice 100% Juice Blend Cranberry that is. Apples and Cranberrys. 26g of sugar is about the same as the apple juice. Quite tart to taste so we’ll see how that goes. Interesting that the specific gravity reading is closer … Continued

Fermenting Grape Juice

Next up is Welch’s 100% Grape Juice. Tons of sugar so I’m waiting to see how the yeast will do with that. Hydrometer says 1.057 or 1.058 specific gravity (top of the miniscus), the same as the apple juice. Another … Continued

Fermenting Apple Juice

First experiment fermenting juice. This is a hopefully delicious extension of my kraut and peppers ferments. Starting list, most of which came from my local homebrew store: