100% Juice Pineapple Ferment

It’s actually 100% pineapple! Not a cocktail or mostly apple plus of pineapple mix or juice-like drink.

25g of sugar should be good enough. And we’ll try the 71B yeast (1/4 tbsp @ 98F) for this one. One of these days I’ll successfully get to A/B the yeasts (thanks for nothing lemonade)…

Roughly HYDROMETER Before 1.044 Potential ABV 5.78% on the ol hydrometer.

Monday September 30 Update

Check the reading.. Uhm, 1.000?? Okay that’s not actually crazy considering it started at 1.044. Sitting at HYDROMETER Before 1.044 After 1.000 ABV 5.78%.

Very scudsy too. It had pushed up and out the airlock as well. Very very active. And it sure doesn’t taste like pineapple juice anymore – or maybe it does but more like the rind, no sugar to help it out.

Wednesday October 2 Update

First time siphoning, as there’s a lot of sediment. That shot out way faster than expected. Sp.gr. reading is .097 or so. This ABV calc says 9.71%? Hmm.. Doesn’t taste like it.. It also says that if the Sp.gr. reading is 1 then the ABV goes down to 5.74%. Pretty drastic. Possible misread. Or maybe I need a better hydrometer.